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Our Winery

Alaska Berries was the first, and currently is the only, winery in the state that is certified as 100% Alaska Grown. We grow all of the fruit and berries used in the production of our handcrafted wines.  "From the bush to the bottle" allows us complete control of the entire process. 

Local stores where you can purchase our wines and ciders.

  • Three Bears
  • Country Liquor
  • SaveUMore
  • Vagabond
  • TJ Seggy’s

For out of area wine and cider shopping, go to this link:

Online ordering with curbside pickup at our farm is available for local purchases. Visit our online store to see currently available products and varieties.

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Blueberry wine

  • Growing blueberries in our area is a definite challenge.   However, the results are well worth it.  Some years Mother Nature provides us with more than others so our inventory is constantly changing.   This is a deep, dark blue wine that will be sure to please.  It is a mid-dry - mid sweet range wine.  2015 this wine was awarded the Blue Premium ribbon at the Alaska State fair. In 2018, our Blueberry Wine earned a Silver Medal at the NorthWest Wine Summit.
Blueberry wine
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Raspberry Wine

  • The very rich aroma of fresh raspberries is the first thing you will notice when you sample this wine.  Our raspberries are picked daily during the ripening season which insures only the best ones are harvested.  Each bottle of wine will average over a pound of raspberries per bottle.  This is a light mid-dry to mid sweet wine. In 2018, our Raspberry Wine earned a Silver Medal at the NorthWest Wine Summit.
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Strawberry wine

  • The fragrance of fresh picked strawberries is what this wine is all about. You will immediately be impressed by the rich aroma of strawberry.  The varieties of strawberries we grow have some of the best flavors and aromas, and it carries through to the wine.  Most prefer this one chilled.  Of course you can never go wrong when having some chocolate along with this wine. This is a light bodied mid sweet wine.
planting depth
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Gooseberry wine

  • Our gooseberries are of Finnish origin and are well suited to our area. This berry is a sweet and tart berry that makes a wonderful wine. This vintage, we bottled dry because many of our customers requested a dryer white wine.  Customers comment on citrus or lemon taste similar to a Sauvignon Blanc.
  • In 2018, our Gooseberry Wine earned a Bronze Medal at the NorthWest Wine Summit.
gooseberry wine
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Strawberry Gooseberry wine

  • As you can guess, this is a blend of our strawberries and gooseberries. A delightful semi-dry wine.
strawberry gooseberry wine
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Redoubt Rhubarb Raspberry wine

  • A wonderful tasting wine that is a blend of rhubarb and raspberry.  The name is a nod to Mount Redoubt, the volcanic mountain you see on our label.  When you come to visit, you see a view of Mount Redoubt as you drive towards the farm.  Mid dry wine that we have a hard time keeping in stock.
redoubt rhubarb raspberry wine
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Red Currant wine

  • Beautiful bright red color with a fresh, crisp taste to please your palate.  This is a light bodied mid sweet wine best served chilled.  We grow Holland Longbunch Red Currants which are one of the varieties with the highest brix content and it makes a wonderful wine.  Many have commented that this goes well with salmon. In 2018, our Red Currant Wine earned a Silver Medal at the NorthWest Wine Summit.
red currant wine
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Black Currant wine

  • Deep midnight blue color grabs your attention and the intense bold rich flavor of black currants has a sweet earthy taste unlike other berries. The natural tannin structure adds complexity and boldness.  Of all of our wines, this has the most complex aroma and taste.  This wine is a dry to mid dry.
  • This wine won Division Champion Purple ribbon at the 2016 Alaska State Fair. 
  • Our Black Currant Wine won a Silver Medal at the 2017 NorthWest Wine Summit.
black currant wine
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Sassy Goose wine

  • Several years ago during "bench trials", we experimented in blending these two wines (Saskatoon and Gooseberry) together and found they made a wonderful marriage.  Hence the name, "Sassy Goose."  This a smooth mid-dry wine.
sassy goose wine
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Saskatoon wine

  • Saskatoon berries are also known by other names --- Serviceberry, Shadbush, and Juneberry. They resemble blueberries in appearance. Deep blue color with a very unique and pleasing flavor. A very smooth mid-dry wine.
saskatoon wine
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Haskap wine

  • This berry origins are from the Hokkadio region of Japan.  Named by the ancient Ainu people of Japan, "haskap" roughly translates to "many presents at the end of branches.
  • This is our number one fruit plant on the farm where we typically harvest 2 1/2-4 tons a year.  It has 3 times the antioxidants of a blueberry andd twice the anthocyanins. 
  • We make both a mid dry and a mid sweet wine that will be sure to please. Pairs well with almost any foods or desserts.
  • Winner of a Gold Medal in the 2017 NorthWest Wine Summt.
haskap wine
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Strawberry Rhubarb wine

  • This is a tried and true combination. The sweet strawberry aroma mated with the unique flavor of rhubarb makes this wine a favorite. Reminds many of their grandma's strawberry rhubarb pie, only in a bottle.  Not too dry nor too sweet, just well balanced.
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Rhubarb wine

  • This wine will completely win you over. It won over the wine judges at the 2015 Alaska State fair where it won Division Champion. We hear our customers exclaim, "this is not at all what I expected!"   They love it.  We have spent years developing just the right protocol for making this wonderful wine.
  • It has just the right perception of sweetness for those who like a mid sweet wine.
  • Winner of a Bronze Medal in the 2018 NorthWest Wine Summt. rhubarb wine
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